Physical rating

People travelling with Urban Adventures are sometimes concerned that our Tours are beyond their capabilities. Relax! Urban Adventures has a wide range of tours designed to give you an insight into the destination you're travelling in and there is something for everybody. The physical grading gives you an idea of how much huffing and puffing you can expect on the tour. Our ratings range from 1 to 5. While generalisations are always tricky, a summary of our gradings follows...

rating 1:

These tours have very limited physical activity. Usually climbing in and out of the transport provided, walking through sites, markets etc included in the itinerary.

rating 2:

These tours have a bit of physical activity but nothing that should challenge you too much. This could be climbing on and off public transport through to a walk through the destination you're travelling in, they can include walking only tours or a combination of walking and transport.

rating 3:

These tours involve a bit of physical activity from walking up and down hills in the destination you're travelling in or the surrounding areas. Climbing on and off local transport or riding a bike up to 30 kms along predominantly flat terrain or jumping in a kayak for a gentle paddle on flat water.

rating 4:

These Tours will provide you with some solid physical activity. Whether its bike riding, walking, trekking, kayaking or riding on public transport you will need to have a good level of fitness to enjoy this tour.

rating 5:

Be prepared for some serious physical activity. These tours are our most challenging and involve some serious walking, hiking or bike riding. Can involve step climbs by foot or pedal and some challenging public transport options in the destination you are travelling.