Culture Shock Rating

People travelling with Urban Adventures are sometimes concerned that our tours might beyond their capabilities and be too much of a culture shock for them. Relax! We believe that part of the fun of travelling is immersing ones self in the destination and its culture, meeting the people and learning what makes the place tick. Urban Adventures has a wide range of tours designed to give you an insight into the destination you're travelling in and there is something for everybody. The cultural shock ratings considers the destination visited, transport used, activities undertaken and that "Wow, I'm really not at home now!" factor. While generalisations are always tricky, a summary of our gradings follows...

rating 1:

This is the least confronting of Urban Adventures tour range. Transport used on the trip is either private or a very comfortable public option, the activities included are usually iconic sites and locations that are not all too confronting.

rating 2:

The tour can include a mix of private and public transport providing a level of comfort that is slightly below what you would experience at home. Sites visited are usually iconic sites, tours can also include market visits, visits to communities etc that provide the traveller with a fantastic insight into destination.

rating 3:

Expect to rough it for parts of this tour, whether it's a packed public bus where you are forced to stand, a visit to a local market, a local community, you are sure to have an experience that is very different from what you're used to at home.

rating 4:

The comforts of your home town and the environment you are used to are more of a rarity. Expect some challenging transport options, visits to local sites and areas that don't resemble anything at home.

rating 5:

You're out there in the global community! You are likely to be exposed to the elements, travel in whatever means of transport is available and basically take it as it comes, whatever comes! It can be tough.