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Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh is a chaotic, energetic and fascinating city. The city is situated in the confluence of three great rivers - the mighty Mekong, the Tonle Sap and the Bassac, and is the commercial, economic and political hub of the country. For a real taste of the essence of the city, hop on an Urban Adventure tour of Phnom Penh and find the iconic sights and little known treasures of this amazing city.

Jump into a cyclo to explore the heart of Phnom Penh, feed the monkeys and have your fortune told at Wat Phnom, explore the bustling Central and Russian markets, savour the flavours of Khmer snacks and lunch, watch the graceful Apsara dancers study their art and admire the historical architecture of Phnom Penh.

Travel by local tuk tuk and boats, explore an island in the Mekong, try local silk weaving, see fishing and agriculture, wander around local villages, a Buddhist pagoda and a small produce market, see the point where the Tonle Sap, Mekong and Tonle Bassac Rivers collide, sample Khmer snacks, and marvel at Phnom Penh’s Khmer and French colonial architecture from the water on Mekong Sunset on Phom Penh Discovery.

On 17 April 1975 Phnom Penh surrendered to the Khmer Rouge. Celebrations in the streets were short lived as the residents were forced to evacuate the city for four years. Find out about this time which is etched in all Cambodian hearts on Phnom Penh's Past.

Take a Phnom Penh tour and discover the secrets of the city from the eyes of your local guides at Urban Adventures. While you're in the area, do check out our other Urban Adventures in Siem Reap, Bangkok, Chang Mai, or Hanoi.

Mekong Sunset, Phnom Penh tour Mekong Sunset
from 1 review
From USD 45.00

Sunset boat cruises aren't just for perfect Pacific Island paradises. Cambodia can also do a mean sunset cruise, so join this Phnom Penh tour to spend a lazy afternoon among the agriculture of Mekong Island, followed by a cruise past wats, pagodas, and palaces.


Phnom Penh Secrets, Phnom Penh tour Phnom Penh Secrets
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From USD 88.00

Spend the day learning about Phnom Penh's past and present. Delve into the region's history; it's dark but essential to understanding the Cambodia of today. Visit sombre spots made infamous by the Khmer Rouge and learn about the current politics that continue to shape this country. Then, get out of the capital to visit an island on the Mekong, where you'll experience the local way of life along the river.


Phnom Penh's Past, Phnom Penh's Tour Phnom Penh's Past
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From USD 43.00

Spend some time delving into Phnom Penh's past. It's dark but essential to understanding the Cambodia of today. Join this Phnom Penh tour to visit the sombre spots made infamous by the Khmer Rouge and learn about the politics that continue to shape this country.


The Pchum Ben Festival
Place: Around Cambodia - [ 11/10/2015 - 13/10/2015 ]

Bonn Pchum Ben

Bonn Om Touk
Place: Phnom Penh - [ 24/11/2015 - 26/11/2015 ]

The Water Festival

Meak Bochea Day (Magha Puja Day)
Place: Phnom Penh City - [ 03/02/2016 ]

Meak Bochea Day

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Cambodian steamboat anyone.....?

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Ms. Anja C.
25 Nov 2014
had a fantastic time in Phnom Penh. Our guide was absoutely fantastic and went above our expectations. He purchased a Tarantula for us to eat (something we would never have done). we learnt so much about the culture and history. we had an amazing time and would definately use Urban adventures again. had a a great experience and our guide is a credit to your company.
Mr. David S.
United Kingdom
16 Nov 2014
The trip was a harrowing experience with the horrific events having taken place in my lifetime.The local guide - Daro - was excellent. He left nothing out but handled the whole experience in S21 and the killing fields sensitively. I think everyone should make this trip when in Phnom Penh.
Ms. Suzanne B.
27 Aug 2014
A wonderful day one-on-one with my guide Daro, a young Cambodian man with a passion for guiding and exploring. A very hot day spent travelling around the city, learning about the history, taking in the sights, playing with Tarantulas! and having a few laughs - a truly memorable experience.
Ms. Suzanne B.
27 Aug 2014
Many thanks to Daro for making this extremely sad and horrific part of the Cambodian history bearable and dare i say, enjoyable. Daro was very knowledgeable and respectful of his surroundings, and allowed the group to take in the sights and environment in their own time. Meeting the surviving men from S21 was a highlight and a real pleasure.
14 Aug 2014
Insight tour! Booked the tour to S21 prison and Killing Fields and happy with the service provided: worth the price! Pick up was on time and loved that it was a small group - on the day I had the tour, there were only 3 of us. Our guide, Ne, was very knowledgeable on all the historical facts, appreciated how he walked us through the harrowing Khmer Rouge era with such insight and a deeply moving narrative of the fate of the Vietnamese at the hands of Pol Pot. Our group had several questions and Ne answered them all - a sign that he was fully immersed in the details of that era. His anecdotes also reflected the current updates on the Khmer Rouge trial (the week before our tour, 2 top leaders of the Khmer Rouge were sentenced to life imprisonment). Not to be missed when you're in Phnom Penh - it beats just having the audio guide offered on site; it was personalised and the insights you get are valuable to fully understanding VN history.
Ms. Veronica Y.
02 Mar 2014
I was very fortunate to have Ne as my guide for this extremely sobering tour. He was sensitive to the nature of what we were going to experience that day but also told it to us straight as there is no way to sugar coat the atrocities that occurred at S21 or Choeung Ek. Meeting the 2 Survivors of S21 is an experience that isn't going to leave me. I couldn't say anything because I was so close to bursting into tears. Having taken a few tours, I can say that Ne is a fantastic guide! Knows an incredible amount and I especially appreciated his insights into current Cambodian life and challenges. The snacks and coconut water he provided for us was welcomed and enjoyed. I wish him the very best.
Ms. katie p.
23 Aug 2013
A wonderful first day and experience of Phnom Penh. My guide was a wonderful companion and spoke excellent English. I couldn't recommend him and this tour enough :)
03 May 2013
Our guide spoke very good English and was very knowledgable. eWe thoroughly enjoyed our tour
03 May 2013
Very sobering tour. The reign of the Khmer Rouge was indeed a terrible time for all Cambodians.
Ms. Kerryn A.
08 Sep 2012
Our guide was great - very knowledgable and he spoke good English. The only disappointing thing about our tour was when we had to wait for about 20 minutes at the Tuol Sleng prison when 2 people who had signed up for the tour didn't confirm their booking but called up the head office after the tour had started and asked to join the tour. This meant we then had less time at the Killing fields, due to their delays. In my opinion, they should not have been allowed to join the tour when they were at least 45 minutes late after the tour had started. This wasn't our guide's fault though as he was very apologetic and embarrassed.

Phnom Penh Urban Adventures

Phnom Penh Urban Adventures unlock the hidden secrets of this city of colour and contradictions. Join our dedicated team to find out what makes Phnom Penh tick and enjoy learning more about Khmer food, culture and fun.


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